• Ad Account

    In this tutorial we're going to cover how to connect your Facebook ad accounts to your Adzwedo Dashboard to start using all the features in Adzwedo.

  • Ad Design Creation

    In this tutorial we'll create ad designs, split test the ad copy and creative. After the video you will be able to fully manage, edit and organize the created creatives as a separate asset so they can be used effectively during the campaign creation process.

  • Audience Creation

    In this video we'll learn how to create and manage saved and custom audiences, split audiences by location, interest, language and demographics. You will also know how to use detailed targeting to find the most relevant audiences to your ads.

  • Optimization Rules

    In this video we'll cover some of the amazing ways you can optimize, manage, and scale your campaigns using our powerful optimization rules to get better ROI with less time and effort.

  • Ad Creation

    In this video we'll cover how to create new ads as well as how to save time using our custom split tests. After watching this video you'll be on your way to getting better ROI with less time spent on the ad creation process.