Adzwedo was designed by a team of direct response marketing professionals with over 30 years combined experience advertising on Facebook and built by some of the best tech consultants in silicone valley.

It was built to do one thing - to manage and optimize Facebook and Instagram ads in real time and squeeze every dime of revenue from any size ad budget automatically.

That means taking advantage of what is working right now on Facebook and Instagram to drive results.

We make it easy to automate and scale your campaigns, but even more importantly we hand you the exact strategies and methods that the most successful advertisers are using right now to get the best results.

We’ll also walk you through how to take advantage of these strategies so you can deploy them in your own business. We’ll take all the guess work out of which creative types are performing best, what objectives to use, and new features that Facebook has rolled out so you can be the first to take advantage of the newest ways to maximize profits in your business.

Adzwedo will automatically pause your losing campaigns to limit losses, raise your budgets on top performing campaigns and audience segments to maximize profits, and even adjust manual bids for ultimate ad reach.

You’ll get to take advantage of the very best insights and strategies to succeed with Facebook and Instagram advertising when sign up for Adzwedo.

Get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of the best tools and the best strategies to win with your ad campaigns!

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What customers are saying

Adrian M.
Shopify Super-Seller & Coach
I personally use this software… it is a game changer. Highly recommended!
Vicki C.
Agency Owner
With evergreen campaigns from Adzwedo I was able to take advantage of data-driven advertising on Facebook without having to actually do ANY work!
John M.
Fitness Coach
The split test features were so simple, I was able to finally find winning targeting combinations and scale them up on auto-pilot.

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