Creating hundreds of ad combinations can take time - but monitoring, optimizing, and scaling them to get the best results can seem impossible.

With Facebook’s algorithm constantly changing to meet different needs it’s nearly impossible to scale campaigns, and get good results on a consistent basis, without utilizing automation.

By segmenting your traffic, and using automated tools to manage each audience segment individually based strictly on the value to your business, you can actually win the fight and consistently turn ads to cash for your business!

This is why businesses and successful ecommerce advertisers are taking advantage of tools like our advanced automation to beat the competition and buy up all the best ad impressions without wasting their budgets showing ads to people who do not ever turn into buyers.

Our powerful optimization rules let you automatically pause, adjust budgets, and even adjust manual bids based on any metrics that matter to your business such as a specific ROAS or CPA goal.

Adzwedo will automatically pause your losing campaigns to limit losses, raise your budgets on top performing campaigns and audience segments to maximize profits, and even adjust manual bids for ultimate ad reach.

It’s like having a team of media buyers working for you 24/7 to maximize profits and reduce losses to drive more revenue and new customers to your business day after day!

If you’ve ever dreamed about having your own team to optimize and scale your campaigns then look no further. Adzwedo is the ultimate tool for advertisers and businesses of all sizes to succeed with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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Adrian M.
Shopify Super-Seller & Coach
I personally use this software… it is a game changer. Highly recommended!
Vicki C.
Agency Owner
With evergreen campaigns from Adzwedo I was able to take advantage of data-driven advertising on Facebook without having to actually do ANY work!
John M.
Fitness Coach
The split test features were so simple, I was able to finally find winning targeting combinations and scale them up on auto-pilot.

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