Facebook Ads can be a great way to get your business seen by millions of potential customers

But if you are not focused on the specific results that matter to you and your business, you will end up overpaying and scratching your head wondering where you went wrong. By shifting your focus to revenue and results, you can make sure that all of your Facebook campaigns are working in sync with your business goals, so you can drive new customers and more revenue every single day like clockwork.

We make it easy to focus on driving revenue with our unique return on ad spend (ROAS) metric. You can add our ROAS column to your dashboard so you can see your ROAS for every campaign, adset, and ad you are running. This will save you hours of doing tedious calculations and will make it easy to focus on the results that actually matter to your business.

You can also view the cost-per-action (CPA) for any custom event you create. Whether you’re optimizing for an add to cart, or a purchase event, by focusing on a specific CPA goal you can make sure that you are always managing your campaigns like a pro! We provide you the meaningful data you need to make the right decision about pausing or scaling campaigns every time without even having to think about it!

And best of all, you can automate the entire ad management process around these key metrics with a couple clicks inside your Adzwedo dashboard. Let us automatically pause, manage your budgets, and even your manual bids for you all around your ROAS or CPA goal. That way you can focus on your business and let Adzwedo monitor your media buys around your goals 24/7 in real time.

So hurry up and let us help you drive more revenue and better results to your business with just a few clicks!

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Adrian M.
Shopify Super-Seller & Coach
I personally use this software… it is a game changer. Highly recommended!
Vicki C.
Agency Owner
With evergreen campaigns from Adzwedo I was able to take advantage of data-driven advertising on Facebook without having to actually do ANY work!
John M.
Fitness Coach
The split test features were so simple, I was able to finally find winning targeting combinations and scale them up on auto-pilot.

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