The Biggest Challenge For Advertisers Is Finding QUALIFIED Buyers Who Will Actually Pull Out Their Wallets And Become Your Customer.

Adzwedo gives you the tools to find,

and reach qualified buyers faster and easier.

Advanced Split Testing allows you laser target the audience segments that actually are driving revenue to your business. What used to take hours of work building out campaigns by interests, gender, placement, operating system (OS), device type, custom audience, etc. can now all be done in a couple clicks of your mouse saving hours of work in Facebook Power Editor

With our customizable columns you can build your dashboard around the information that is important to your business and focus on optimizing around those specific key metrics making the data 1000x more powerful!

Our unique return on ad spend (ROAS) column which is not available in Facebook, allows you to actually see your return on investment live in your dashboard.

And because we fully support custom audience and lookalike audience creation right inside of the Adzwedo dashboard, you don’t need to waste time flipping back and forth to Power Editor. You can build and manage all your audience segments from customer files, video views, website custom conversion events, and even lead ads and Facebook Canvas!

So what are you waiting for?

Now you guarantee you are following Facebook best practices without having to spend the extra time building out all the various combinations you want to test.

try it now for free!

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Adrian M.
Shopify Super-Seller & Coach
I personally use this software… it is a game changer. Highly recommended!
Vicki C.
Agency Owner
With evergreen campaigns from Adzwedo I was able to take advantage of data-driven advertising on Facebook without having to actually do ANY work!
John M.
Fitness Coach
The split test features were so simple, I was able to finally find winning targeting combinations and scale them up on auto-pilot.

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