The №1 Tool For Dominating FB & IG Ads!

Imagine a tool that allows you to compete with the best advertisers in the industry... And Win!

We're Adzwedo & That's just what we do!

In 2021 you NEED your ads to dominate Facebook and Instagram!

Competition is high and ad costs are higher as brands compete for YOUR customers...

It can be daunting knowing you're going up against agencies and businesses with teams stacked full of the best ad buyers in the industry who have one goal to DOMINATE your customers feed with their products and services. How can you possibly compete?

We are Adzwedo and we're here to give you the edge!

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Create Better Ads In Less Time!

Your competitors test HUNDREDS of creatives to ensure they are getting the highest return on investment...

We make it easy for you to do the same!

With our suite of ad creation tools and powerful AI copywriter high-converting ads are only a few clicks away! You can easily create and test unlimited ad variations and targeting strategies. Ensuring you always find ads that deliver the highest return on investment and crush the competition!

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Find Winning Audiences & SCALE, SCALE, SCALE!!!

Finding the customers that turbocharge your profits has never been easier. Our advanced split testing lets you segment audiences by as many variables as you like so you can quickly find the most profitable then maximize your ad budget and boost your ROI.

iOS update? Tracking issues? Forget about them!

We've made it easy to add additional tracking to all your ads so you know exactly where your sales are coming from letting you deliver ad spend exactly where it's needed for maximum returns

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Let Adzwedo point you to the profit!

We HATE wasting ad spend... Let our machine learning-based algorithms automatically notify you of the best actions to take to maximize your campaigns! It's like having your own professional media buyer watching over your shoulder, making sure you get the best results!

You can even set our advanced optimization systems to manage your campaigns automatically! Finally, you can look away from your Facebook campaigns and know that the losers will be paused cutting losses, the winners will be scaled to maximize profits, and bids will be managed to get the very best placements and results.

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Take Advantage Of What’s Working Right Now

Understanding what is working right now is critical to succeeding with Facebook and Instagram ads. When you sign up for Adzwedo not only are you getting access to the very best tools, but you are also getting access to some of the most skilled Facebook media buyers in the world who are going to share with you every single month the very best of what’s working right now on Facebook.

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Who It's for

Brand Owners
Finally a tool that allows you to cut through the noise and maximize profits
Manage unlimited ad accounts from a single dashboard
We give you the power of a rockstar media team without the costs
Small businesses
Adzwedo guides you step by step from launching your first ad to consistently driving sales and profits
Consistently generate high quality leads and clients with ZERO previous advertising experience
Give your clients the service and results of a full-scale agency (even if you're a one man shop!)

Who’s using adzwedo

What customers are saying

Adrian M.
Shopify Super-Seller & Coach
I personally use this software… it is a game changer. Highly recommended!
Vicki C.
Agency Owner
With evergreen campaigns from Adzwedo I was able to take advantage of data-driven advertising on Facebook without having to actually do ANY work!
John M.
Fitness Coach
The split test features were so simple, I was able to finally find winning targeting combinations and scale them up on auto-pilot.

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